Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Catherine Inglis Workshop held Saturday 28th February 2015

Catherine ran a pastel portrait workshop for ten of our members and two from York Art Society. She began with a demonstration picture of her granddaughter,  showing us how to get the correct proportions for a face and how to paint eyes, noses and mouths, not to mention how to put curls into the hair!

Catherine with the picture she painted as a demo

Catherine also brought along a ‘sweet shop’ of pastels and paper to buy all of which we found very tempting.

Then we were left to begin our own portraits, some chose pets whilst others took the plunge into portraiture.  With Catherine’s help and guidance we all produced some good work, whether it quite looked like our chosen subject was another matter but we all had a very enjoyable day.

Everyone hard at work!

Sue receiving a personal critique from Betty!

Of course the Big Painting Challenge, on BBC1, the following day also focussed on portraits and I am sure we all looked on with some sympathy for the contestants as they struggled to get the likeness of their models.  We already knew just how difficult it was!!

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