Thursday, 23 April 2015

Paul Talbot Greaves Workshop at Newton Art Group

Paul started by showing us how to kill the white of our paper with a coloured wash to either add warmth or coolness to our pictures.  Next it was on to the composition using simple outlines in acrylic paint. Paul stressed how important that we made sure that everything was right at this stage  because if we had to go back into a painting to correct shapes then it distracted from the spontaneity of painting. Finally it was a lesson on how block in the colours and how to mix many shades of green. , Using splatters and dribbles Paul produced a wonderful painting showing light and shade.

Then it was left up to us to begin our paintings, Paul had made it look so easy and now we were seriously nervous!  However after a coffee everyone soon loosened up and paintings were starting to take shape.

Gina and Sharon sharing a table, paints, skills and clutter whilst in the background Rhona’s shades of green were giving her a headache!

Meanwhile Sue had commissioned a bit of help (no wonder she managed a record three paintings on the day!)

Christine as usual in total control with a tidy table and her wonderful picture of Venice.

At the end of the session Paul gave a critique and valuable comments on how to improve our paintings.

Our thanks go to Gina for organising this workshop and to Paul for his patience, humour and for providing us with an unforgettable workshop.

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