Sunday, 1 March 2015

Spotlight on Lin Taylor

Art was a subject that I enjoyed very much at school, where I gained my GCE 'O' Level. However when I married and my children arrived, my interest in art had to take a back seat and it wasn’t until they left home that I had the time to take up art again.  By this time it was 1994 and I was living in South Africa where I found so many wonderful subjects to paint.

You looking at me ?
In 1998 I returned to the U.K. and settled in York immediately joining York Art Society and later the Newton Art Group.  Newton is a small and friendly art group with some very talented artists. I have always enjoyed attending the weekly meetings and the three annual workshops and it is always good to receive help and advice from some of the other more experienced members.

My preference is for watercolour but I also enjoy painting in acrylics. Recently I have been experimenting, painting pictures of birds on real feathers and I feel that these feather paintings capture the imagination and link the art to the spirit of the birds.

Barn Owl (on feather)
Lin Taylor

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