Monday, 2 March 2015

Spotlight on Lynda Baker

In this spotlight I am showing two pictures, both are in acrylic and I painted these during the  afternoon sessions at the Newton Art Group. I find that  having a long afternoon session gives me more time to actually get something done besides chatting and of course breaking off for the endless cups of coffee and tea!

I would like a title for this framed one if anyone has any ideas?

This is my latest picture which is still work in progress!

Lynda’s tips for painters

I like making my own textured gesso in different consistencies to give my pictures a bit of depth. I have used it on these two pictures especially on the rocks and the tree foliage. When you paint over these raised areas it means you can catch the hints of light with dry brush work.

1.This is my ‘recipe’ for normal Gesso which can be made at about a quarter of the price

One third each of  talcum powder,  white (or any colour of acrylic paint) and PVA glue

Add enough water to create the consistency you require. I find the best way is to combine the glue and paint first and then the talc and water .

There are quite a few ways of making Gesso, some people use polyfilla (powdered form) or bicarbonate of soda but I haven’t tried either yet!

For texture I crush baked egg shells and mix with the above but you can use anything you wish like sand etc.

2. Maurice Tooby told me how to treat MDF or any other kind of boards you wish to paint on by mixing emulsion paint diluted with 10% of the volume with water and adding some PVA glue to the mixture.  The boards should then be given three thin coats on both sides. I have used this method for a long time and find it works very well. It is also cheaper than painting gesso on to bare boards. Sometimes I paint the last coat on the side to be painted with Gesso.

I usually paint in oils but have recently tried acrylics and with help from Luisa I feel I am getting to grips with a new medium.  I have not had any formal training but have always enjoyed the workshops and demonstrations with the York Art Society and Newton Art Group.  I attended life drawing classes for many years, these did not have a tutor just a model. This experience has really helped me with prospective in drawings and paintings of any kind.

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