Sunday, 24 April 2016

Visit to an SAA Open Day

Lin and I set off early on Wednesday morning for our trip to Newark and an Open Day with the SAA. After a fairly straight forward journey down we were welcomed with a coffee, biscuits and a goody bag.

There were around 100 people there but divided into four groups for the various activities. First of all our group had a tour around the building, seeing where the telephone orders came in and how they track calls to make sure you are not kept hanging on the phone. Then onto the warehouse where all the stock is kept and where the orders are packed.

Marianne messing around with the packing materials

It was then onto the shop where new products were being demonstrated and various items from the current months promotion were on offer.

Lunch followed and a chance to sit and chat with other visitors, some from as far afield as Glasgow and London. Then it was back into a workshop with Jeremy Ford who demonstrated a sunset in pastel for us to copy. Reasonably presentable pictures were produced.

Finally we had a look around the Art Challenge Exhibition of around 32,200 small pictures on trading cards. It was magnificent and really mind blowing!

Lin with some of the 32,200 pictures on display

The SAA is awaiting confirmation that they do in fact have the world record. They had even catalogued each picture so that you could locate your own.

Marianne's contribution - Figs on board 57, Row C, Number 1
Then it was time for a final farewell and the drive home. If anyone is thinking of going along Lin and I would really recommend it. There was no pressure to buy anything just a very big welcome from all the SAA owners and staff.

Just go onto the SAA web site and look for Open Days and book your tickets.

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