Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Helen Cassidy Workshop 5th March 2016

The workshop was all about putting texture into our paintings, in particular the use of tissue paper.

Helen showed us several other ideas but we were to concentrate on tissue paper. First of all boards were covered with gesso and crumpled tissue paper was carefully applied and then a further coat of gesso added on top. These were then left to dry.

Helen demonstrated the paint effects that could be achieved and we set to work.

Judith getting to grips with her underwater painting of seahorses and coral and a  change of medium from watercolour to acrylic.

Christine’s industrial painting had a stormy sky and a steam train coming from round the mountains

Jean produced a wonderfully atmospheric picture!

And finally Sylvia having a personal critique from Helen.

At the end of this most enjoyable session Helen held a final critique of everyone’s work. She felt the standard was very high considering it was technique that most of us had not done before and she hoped we would use this technique in future paintings.

Our next workshop tutor will be Paul Talbot Greaves on 2nd April showing us his own personal style with water colour.

We still have one or two places left please contact  if  you are interested.


  1. Hi, sorry if this is the wrong place to make contact.
    My mother, Naidine Fisher, used to paint with your group in the 60's & 70's, & I am very keen to recover some of her art work, sold at your exhibitions. - Any ideas how I might try?
    Many thanks, Melanie Fisher. 07794680252.

  2. I'll pass that on to the Committee and see if anyone can help.

    1. Hi Melanie
      I am the secretary of Newton Art Group and have asked around the older members to see if anyone remembers your mother. Sadly because it is around 50 years ago we do not have any members now who were members then. Neither do we have records of sales stretching back as far as that. I am sorry that we have not been able to assist with your search.
      Kind regards
      Marianne Harlington